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Sempre Freddo. Drink Enjoy.

The Product

This “Semprefreddo” sour cherry liqueur was born thanks to the curiosity and the audacity to propose a perfect mix between quality and tradition.
It is a unique and inimitable product originated by the genuineness of local and selected raw materials. More than two years of experiments were necessary to obtain an excellent texture that is able to amalgamate as best as possible sour cherry’s pulp with Aglianico wine; the latter chosen from more than 40 kinds of wine from Basilicata.
The Aglianico, with an intense and robust taste, is attenuated by the sour cherries’s aroma that give it delicacy and prestige , so as to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. This Semprefreddo sour cherry liqueur is a true sin of gluttony that can be tasted during the aperitif, as a digestive or at any other time of day.
The taste it lends to second courses, fruit, ice creams and dessert is unmistakable. In conclusioni t isn’t only an alcoholic drink, but also a multiform and flexible product wich can be used in cooking too.
“SEMPREFREDDO” sour cherry , intense and unique taste like you!


The “Aglianico del Vulture” is typical red wine of Basilicata cultivated in the hert of the Vulture’s hills, an area situated in the north-west of Basilicata region.
It has had his acknowledgments for its peculiarities in 1971 thanks to the controlled designation of origin (DOC) and in the 2010 thanks to the controlled and guaranteed designation of origin (DOCG).


The prevalent characteristic of the wine used for the “Semprefreddo” sour cherry liqueur is the vigorous taste given to the wine by numerous constituens of the wood, throuh a slow and gradual micro-oxygenation this phenomenon is possible thanks to the natural porosity of the wood.
The Aglianico’s permanence in the barrels allows to the wood to give aromatic substances to the wine, in this way it influences the yiald of the final product. The most present aroma in wines aged in wood is vanilla.
Next to the vanilla there are athor components released from the barrels, the tannins, wich allow the wine to again the right consistency and the typical red wine color.

The sour cherry, also know as “prunus cerasus”, are wild cherries and originating of the Middle East but subsequently spread in Europe and in Italy. The fresh fruit we use is carrefully selected and analyzed. Only the most sweet and ripe sour cherries are chosen.
The local sour cherries used have countless properties: from the vitamins A,B,C, to the mineral salt such as phosphorus , potassium and magnesium. Are also know the purifying , detoxifying and antibacterial benefits.
Despite their bitterness, the cherries give sweetness to the “Semprefreddo” , thanks to the levulose, a sugar present in the fruit, tolerad also by diabetics.
The vanilla bean, the only product imported from abroad for the production of the “Semprefreddo” sour cherry liqueur, comes from Madagascar, more precisely from the district of Vohemar, that is the undisputed home for the production of the famous “Bourbon” vanilla.

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